Eco- Info: Natural Fibres

This section contains information related to Hemp and other eco-friendly fibers that we carry in our stores. We promote these natural fibers because we believe they make a positive impact on our environment. Hemp has been in use for thousands of years and still has a multitude of uses today. We want to educate consumers about the value and benefits of environmentally friendly materials, as well as some of the reasons why we should be making the shift. Hopefully you'll see that it's easy to find consciously crafted clothing that feels as good as it looks (inside and out).


Hemp fiber is antibacterial and provides Ultra Violet (UV) protection from the sun, with a natural UV Factor of SPF 15. Hemp is an extremely fast growing crop, producing more fiber per yield of acre than any other source and can be grown without the need of harmful herbicides and pesticides or irrigation.

Hemp is the common name used for Cannabis plants that are grown primarily for their fiber content which can be utilized for a variety of purposes (from textiles, to fuels, to foods for humans and animals alike). Hemp isn't anything new - we've been making use of cannabis plants for thousands of years! However, nearly a century of misinformation and competing industrial interests have left this truly valuable crop in the shadows.



Bamboo is an excellent source of eco-friendly fabric because it is a plant that is 100% naturally grown—without assistance from humans. The plant itself is also completely sustainable and able to grow without any pesticides or fertilizers at all. Bamboo is a choice for clothing that is not only better for the environment, but also better for you. It has benefits such as its being naturally anti-static as well as comfortably soft.


Soy is a crop that has a multitude of uses. From foodstuff to clothing textiles to automobile interior, the uses for soy are never ending. As for clothing textiles, soy is known as the "vegetable cashmere" because of its softer-than-cotton feel. However, it is much easier to care for than cashmere (it is machine washable and can air dry) and absorbs dyes quickly, therefore using less dye-stuffs.


Wool is the textile fabric obtained from sheep and other animals