Sea Wench Bath Salts
Sea Wench Bath Salts in three unique scents packaged in a paper pouch
Sea Wench Bath Salts

Sea Wench Naturals

Sea Wench Bath Salts

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These handcrafted detoxifying bath salts are known to stimulate circulation and relax tense and aching muscles. Epsom salts draw out impurities from the skin while the carefully formulated essential oil blends relax and calm the mind. Heal skin abnormalities or soothe pain by soaking in these healing salts and follow up with Sea Wenchs body care line for the ultimate spa-like experience. 
Choose your blend: 

Lavender: (Relaxing / Give A Deep Sigh / The Healer / The Soother / The Calmer / Peace)

Eucalyptus: (Breath Deep / Clear the Senses / Pain Relief)

Citrus & Spice: (Ying & Yang / Refresh / Recharge / Restore / Revitalize Your Life)

150g / 5.2 oz


Pour one to two handfuls of bath salts into warm bath water, soak for 15 minutes minimum.


Sea Salt, Seaweed, Epsom Salts, Pure Essential Oil Blend