Hiltech Quarter Socks
Hiltech Quarter Socks


Hiltech Quarter Socks

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Bamboo fiber naturally has a unique antibacterial and deodorization function. Unlike chemical antimicrobial fibers, washing process would not reduce this unique function. Bamboo socks greatly relieve dermatophytosis commonly called "athlete's foot" which is caused by fungus.

The cross-section of bamboo fiber is filled with various microgaps and micro-holes, this unparalleled microstructure makes bamboo socks excellent moisture absorption and ventilation, thus not only prevents heel crack, but also keeps your feet cool which is great news for sweaty feet.

As a regenerated cellulose fiber, bamboo fibre is 100% made from bamboo through a high-tech process without pollution. More importantly, it can be 100% biodegraded in soil by microorganisms and sunshine. Socks made from bamboo fibre are absolutely eco-friendly

Soft and comfort feel with special luster, feel it!


Durable, reinforced heel and toe
Heel design to keep sock in place, reducing friction and irritation
Toe closure provides a seam-free, irritation free interior, protecting sensitive feet
82% Rayon Bamboo, 16% Nylon, 2% Spandex

2 Pairs / Pack