MII Hazel Rose Toner

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MII Hazel Rose Toner

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Hazel Rose Toner is designed to tighten and brighten the skin!

Try this product if you have chronically dry or irritated skin. A lot of witch hazel products on the market have alcohol in them but we believe your skincare should be alcohol-free.

The combination of rose geranium water and geranium essential oil makes this toner perfect for hydrating, tightening, and calming your skin. People really love the smell of this product and will also use it as a body mister throughout the day.


How To Use

Use the toner daily as a second step between the Face Wash and the Face serum.
Use it as a third step after oil cleansing to remove excess oil in the morning.

Apply the Toner with a cotton pad; or spray into hands and pat face; or lightly spray while covering eyes.
Hazel Rose Toner helps to reduce inflammation and heat under the skin.



Distilled Water:
Victoria, BC

Alcohol Free Witch Hazel:
Genie in a Bottle, Victoria, BC

Rose Geranium Water:
Genie in a Bottle, Victoria, BC

Organic Geranium Essential Oil:
Genie in a Bottle, Victoria, BC