stainless steel lid for Mason Jar with a hole in it to fit a glass straw
Enviro Lid for Mason Jar and Glass Straw
mason jar lid stainless steel non-rust glass straw grommet
glass straw with mason jar lid stainless steel kid
Enviro Lid for Mason Jar and Glass Straw

Enviro Glass Straws

Enviro Lid for Mason Jar and Glass Straw

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Enviro Lids

Enviro Lids are a one of a kind, rust free stainless steel lid that convert a regular size mason jar into a travel cup.  The hole which the straws fits snuggly into has a custom designed food grade silicone grommet making it completely plastic free.  Whether you are heading to the gym with your morning smoothie, to work with your morning coffee or you just need your toddler to not spill their milk at the dinner table, we’ve got you covered.  So many options, one Enviro Lid.

We recommend pairing a Enviro Lid with our glass straws for children under five.  This changes the straw from a play thing to a sippy cup.

  • Stainless Steel- 100% Rust Free
  • No BPA's, no phthalates, no chemical leaching
  • Food grade silicone grommet
  • Use with hot or cold beverages


Enviro lids Sizes

   9.5 mm hole diameter for straw 
   12mm hole diameter for straw