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SW Bath Salts

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These hand-crafted bath salts are designed to restore the body and mind. Known to detoxify the body, stimulate circulation and relax tense and aching muscles and joints. Help relieve the discomfort of arthritis, rheumatism and lower back pain. Draws out impurities from skin. Soothes irritations such as itching, psoriasis and eczema. Leave skin soft by restoring moisture. The mind experiences a deep relaxation and calm when exposed to the powers of salts. 

Try all three:

Lavender: (Relaxing / Give A Deep Sigh / The Healer / The Soother / The Calmer / Peace)

Eucalyptus: (Breath Deep / Clear the Senses / Pain Relief)

Citrus & Spice: (Ying & Yang / Refresh / Recharge / Restore / Revitalize Your Life)

Direction: Place desired amount of warm water in bath.  Pour in one / two handfuls of Bath Salts. Soak minimum of 15 minutes.

Size: 150g / 5.2 oz.

Made in Canada.