Wholesale Information

Are you a store owner sensing your customers' desires for very cool natural clothing made in North America? Send an e-mail to orders@ionclothing.ca to contact our wholesale department. Please tell us a bit about your business including your name, your Company name, address and your Canadian or American Business number. Also include a few words about who your customer base is. 

iON Clothing also makes strong and durable natural work gear for tradespeople such as carpenters, mechanics, gardeners, nurses, kitchen staff. As well we can custom brand and dye for you (certain restrictions apply, please ask our staff via your email inquiry).
Opening Order - $500 CAD
Styles- 10 pieces per style- any size combo
Custom Dyed Garments- 50 kg ( 110 lbs) of garments, roughly 150 garments.
i.O.N Clothing
Victoria BC Canada