1. Why natural fibres? We believe Planet Earth is better off when we use nature to supply our needs instead of petroleum products. Farmers grow crops for us to eat and to wear. Hemp, bamboo, cotton are sustainably sourced. They are not toxic to the environment (nylon plastic ends up as micro beads in the oceans with devastating results).  They feel great on our skin! 
  2. Can I get Free Shipping? Yes, all orders over $75 within Canada or $125 to US and your order is shipped free of charge.
  3. How do your clothes fit? See individual items for sizing charts. General chart is available under Size Charts. https://www.hempandcompany.com/pages/sizing-charts
  4. Do I need to pay taxes? All Canadian destination orders pay GST and their provincial taxes. US and other folks do NOT pay any Canadian taxes. 
  5. Who are your other suppliers?  We buy from like minded companies who make body care products, hemp foods, or natural clothing. Examples are Nomad Hemp Clothing, Sea Wench Botanicals, Good Seed Hemp Foods
  6. When did your company begin operations? We began in 1999 making hemp clothing in Canada. We are slowly expanding into the USA and around the world. Our Store and Head Office is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  7. Do you support non profit organizations? We support many environmental groups including - Raincoast Conservation Foundation: Ancient Forest Alliance, Habitat Acquisition Trust; World Elephant Day, The Land Conservancy of BC.
  8. Pollen Sweaters Size Chart  https://www.hempandcompany.com/pages/pollen-sweaters-size-chart