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i.O.N - i.O.N Clothing gets letters! Email, Facebook posts, In-store discussions, Orankl online ranking service. Its always a good and heartwarming thing. Positives, and even negatives, help us improve. We want to be the best we can be in both our products and our service to you. If you have something to say feel free to contact us through any channel. 

Here is a selection of quotes over the past year from our customers:

  • August 2018 Stephanie: Short sleeve Hemp/Organic Cotton Shirt  5 Stars! Love it!
  • August 2018 Kevin: Real Heal Hemp Healing Cream -This product is definitely one of the best product on the market - it will help change your way of life. This product was used to help the pain and inflammation of post polio works great   5 Stars on Orankl
  • August 2018 Stephanie: I have made two orders with your company for hemp shirts.  Both my husband and I love the style and material.  However, I have had to move the buttons on all 3shirts because there is just not enough ease in the tummy area.  The shoulders fit to perfection but not the waist.

    I have noticed this on hundreds of other makes of clothing.  I look around and I see that neither myself nor my husband are of an unusual size.  I ask myself why the clothing industry stops at XXL and not bigger.  And why the tummy size is not more flexible.    As the owner of the shop but not the manufacturer, I promised to send the suggestion to the manufacturer for input. August 13: Manufacturer is sympathetic but cannot change design at this stage.

    These questions made me turn to searching the Internet for clothing and thus in finding you.  So many other things about your marketing is excellent; your package tracking, your material, your colours and your packaging.  All great customer service.


  • July 2018 Jemma: I absolutely LOVE your clothes and have been collecting many different pieces over the years.
  • July 2018 Scott: 5 Star review on Google: "Great location and has a public bitcoin atm"
  • July 2018 Susie: Thanks so much for getting the package in the mail and for the heads-up about the shipping timeline.....second email: 
    I wanted to let you know that the linen wrap arrived—much sooner than I expected, too! Thanks for your help. 
  • June 2018 Jane: Thanks Bill.  Great customer service! (sending items to England and saving postage for her).  Kind regards
  • May 2018 Margaret (re Celebration Dress): Just tried it the day before the wedding. Felt perfect.
  • April 2018: Tamara (re Victoria Pit Cream): I find this product to be very effective and appreciate the natural content. I love this product! I also appreciate the ease of ordering.
  • April 2018 Monica (re a variety of Sea Wench products) Lovely. Soft texture. Lovely scent.
  • April 2018 Jill: I love it too. Fits perfectly and is so comfortable. I love the material, style and the colour too.
  • March 2018 Rhonda:  The dress arrived.  I love it! I first came across your shop quite a few years ago on a trip to the coast.  I still have the hemp tops that I bought years ago.  Keep us the good work!  I wish we had you in Edmonton.
  • February 2018 Etienno: (in store visitor). Glad we found you again after ten years. This is the wave of the future for shopping - local and sustainable products! (They had come to Victoria 10 years ago and set out to find us even though we had moved and changed our name to i.O.N)
  • February 2018  Zackary: Canuck Hoody: nice colour, but the zipper is obviously very cheap and continuously breaks off the track and opens. for the huge price tag i think thats unacceptable and am disappointed in the quality of the garment
  •  my response through Orankl
    Hi Zackary,
    This is very disappointing for you (and us). Please feel free to return this to us at our expense (1312 Government St, Victoria, V8W 1Y8) and we will either fix the zipper properly or replace the garment. Some of the zippers seem to be missing the "lock" at the top which makes this happen. They are good quality zippers, but don't work properly without the lock.
    Let's hope this makes the hoody all you desire.
  • January 2018  Erika:  The two button up tops arrived this past week and are perfect! Thanks so much for them and have a great weekend!
  • November 2017 Brenda: Thank you for making that so easy for me!  Have a great day!
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  • July 2017 Susan:  All of clothing they carry is wonderful but their own brand is really excellent. I own a few basic long sleeves and wear them constantly. The hemp is a very comfortable texture and thermo regulating! Super nice and helpful staff too. Always very friendly and inviting atmosphere.
  • July 2017 Karen: I have 2 of the 3/4 sleeve raglan tops in medium and I love them! 
  • June 2017 Helen: This is the spot to stop when you want to treat yourself and do a good deed for the planet... without breaking the bank.
  • June 2017 Joanna: 

    Just got my Canada 150th skirt today and it's lovely & fits perfect!  Will be very proud to wear it tomorrow and all this summer 😊Happy Canada Day to you and all your staff,

  • June 2017  Terry:Love the (bamboo) socks. Bought my first pair 3 years ago while in Victoria and wear them all the time. Most comfortable socks I've ever had.
  • June 2017 Jacquelyn: 3/4 sleeve scoop neck. Love it Comfy relaxed fit
  • June 2017 Frances: hemp sweat pants. I wish I could return these, but alas I am later than the 30 days from purchase date. The seaming across the bum is extremely unflattering. I can only guess that the designers were trying to save remnants? I am not happy with these at all. Frances was offered a full return for this item even though it was past the 30 days. She will have a store credit.
  • June 2017 Estela: Hi Bill, just want to tell you and the staff that called me about sizing, that the dress and small size blouse fit perfectly!! Thank you so much! I tried them on as soon as they arrived and they fit and look wonderful. 
    Thank you again for your help with the order! :) 
  • May 2017 Linda: Thanks for the response & you can be assured that I'll continue to recommend your organization & products. Yours is a responsible & reliable company & we need more like you. Linda Buy Canadian
  • May 2017 Dan:  Ordered CBD Pain Cream and then gave us a one star rating because he did not receive it in a timely fashion - "haven't got it yet been over 2 weeks since i ordered guess i won't do that again". As the owner and shipper at iON I take complete responsibility for this error. He does now have his cream and a refund of his shipping costs. "It was totally my error. I had forgotten to send you the Pain Cream as promised when we talked on the phone. I am sending it out right now, and refunding you $15 cash for the postage you paid. Sincere apologies", Bill
  • May 2017  Deacon re CBD Cream: "Worked almost like magic to soothe my mother's arthritis. Fast acting and smells great too."
  • April 2017  Bo: "Good quality clothes reasonably priced and the clothes last. So comfortable." (5 star review left on Google My Business)
  • April 2017  Monica: (re Flow Tank) Super comfortable...like...shape, drape, feeling.I would love more colour selections, but am not complaining...I have 4.
  • April 2017: Kathleen: Beautiful products, friendly staff. I've recommended it to friends I like it so much!

  • March 2017 Alison: re 3/4 sleeve boat neck: 5 stars for the natural feel of the product. (The ribbing on the neck could be better quality to hold the shape)
  • March 2017: Denise: re Cowl Hoodie - Love it!
  • March 2017: Maxwell: Hola. I received my new vest yesterday,Many thanks it is very nice.
  • .March 2017  George: (about shipping his order - in the mail in under an hour!) Wow that's prompt! That's awesome service. Thanks.
  • February 2017 Annie: The Flow Coat I purchased exceeded my expectations. I love the drape and texture. It is warm and comfy and really feels great.
  • February 2017 Terry: The quality of the clothing is as great as the personalized service. I purchased a wool fisherman'a sweater that I just love. I also made my first Bitcoin purchase using their Bitcoin ATM.
  • February 2017 Annie: Just dropping in to say "Thank You”.  My order arrived safely and in very good condition. I love the sage sweater coat and face product.  Haven’t tried my purple tank top yet but am sure I will be just as pleased with it. Again Thank You.
  • February 2017 Colleen: re: Cowl Scarf/Core Warmer Love it as a cowl/scarf.
  • February 2017 Josie: re Modal Tunic Dress So cute!! Super comfortable and soft. Fits big.
  • February 2017 Caron: I just wanted to let you know that my puppy loves them (Apawthecary Dog Treats), and I will be continuing to order them through you.  Thanks again for everything!  Have a great day :)
  • February 2017 Josie:  Thanks so much for checking in. I did receive the dress and it is beautiful! Thank you so much for correcting this so quickly, I love both pieces I ordered. 
  • February 2017 Susan: Thank you very much Bill I received the tops today the evergreen looks lovely it is blue green, thank you for the hemp seeds, the service your company provides is wonderful. Have a lovely day.
  • January 2017 Meredith: I am excited that I received my first order from you guys this week. I absolutely love all of the materials, however I am super bummed about something: most of the items don't fit me properly. :(  It's not the sizes so much as the fit of the styles. It's hard to order online. Wish I was in Canada and could just come to your shop. Can you tell me what the return process is like? I am happy to go into detail about what I find is the fit issue with each of the items, if necessary. And I would love to try ordering from you guys again sometime. I love your company vision and mission :)  Note: We asked her to phone toll free 1 866 383 4367 to arrange exchanges. She did and was pleased with the service and new items!
  • January 2017 Caron:   I really appreciate the extra mile you are going through for me. Thanks again. :)   You have amazing customer service! 
  • December 2016 Sonja: Great customer service, great store and great clothing!
  • September 2016 Bill and Joanne: Hi Bill:  WOW, those socks came in this morning.  Thanks again, you rock.... 
  • September 2016 Juan Carlos: I will be shopping very often in Hemp and Company I think you have the best clothing store in Victoria, it is the best quality. I highly recommend it. Thanks for the wonderful customer service
  • August 2016 Julie (see below): Top just received,thank you.My Daughter in Law will be over the moon with. Such a lovely garment,beautifully packaged
    I want one now so you may be hearing from me again!
  • August 2016 Monica (re quick shipping): Very efficient, impressive, thank you!
  • August 2016 Julie from the UK: I would like to order the boat neck 3/4 sleeve top in red from your lovely shop which I discovered when on holiday last year. Thank you Bill,done whole order/ payment on the link you sent. Excellent service!
  • August 2016 M.: (Purchased Apawthecary Dog Treats) Dear bill; my pups are absolutely loving these treats!! I have two shnauzers 11 and 7 my older one  and her daughter was the pup I originally purchased these treats for as she was having bad hip problems, couldn't jump out of bed off the couch she would constantly limp and couldn't make it far on walks but after  feeding her these treats she's actually been jumping out of bed waking up full of energy and super happy !!! The older one has been able to slowly but surly been able to finish the big walks and sometimes even walks faster than me! I've noticed a big difference in her attitude and strength. I'm definitely going to be purchasing some more soon :)
  • July 2016: Susan (Purchased Manaus Shoulder Bag) I love this bag
  • July 2016 Kathleen and John: We truly have appreciated, trusted your service and products over the last five years.
  • July 2016 SM Thank you very much bill it is lovely dealing with you.
  • June 2016 ET: I just can't give the hemp/cotton blend enough positive comments! Having to wait for the new batch to come in is my only complaint.
  • June 2016: Susan: 5 Stars it (Peasant tunic) was wonderful. Very comfortable
  • June 2016 Elizabeth : (H&C golf shirt)hubby loves the comfort, plus soft breathable fabric.
  • June 2016 Susan: Thank you very much for all your help have a lovely day.
  • June 2016  Daniel: I bought the 100% hemp overall and boy it fits me like a glove...my lover say!  and comfortable above all.
  • May 2016  Margaret : The Gift Card purchased on line was a great gift for my son!... handy...I didn't have to go into town!...the convenience of buying it online...and HE did the shopping.
  • May 2016 Mike: Light and breathable. Softer than I thought it'd be for hemp, it's my first
  • May 2016 Alanna: Thanks for your quick turnaround!! I am so appreciative that there are awesome local companies and products that make my life much better. So, thank you!
  • May 2016 Brenda: Thanks for the great service Bill! Once again!!
  • May 2016 Eric: Good Day Bill,Thanks so much for the quick and clear email, that is what matters. This is why I'm a repeat customer and recommend you to anyone/everyone. Keep up the great works and thanks.
  • March 2016 Estela: Thank you very much for the fast delivery! I was out of of town and found the package yesterday when I came back, I believe it arrived before March 1st! I love the shirts...Also thank you for the chocolate, that was a nice surprise. :) 
  • February 2016 Lorraine: Our family loves this store!!!  They are local, offer great customer service and have outstanding products.  The eco-friendly and organic clothes are heaven to wear and we simply keep going back.  We even bought blankets there.  Our friends love it too.  The owners and staff are the best.  I am past middle age, almost 6 ft tall, not thin, fussy and hard to fit, so I appreciate the kindness and encouragement of the staff.  We cannot recommend them enough. Thank you Hemp & Co!!!
  • January 2016 Brenda: Thanks for the continued great service.
  • January 2016 Patricia: I received my first order and found the two dresses fit me beautifully. Unfortunately the top does not.  I will be returning it for credit toward my next order.
    I’m very happy with your products and look forward to my next order. (we are issuing her a credit for the returned item)
  • December 2015 Maxine: The jacket just arrived here yesterday and I love it so much!! Thank you for shipping it out so promptly and for including the bonus gift card. I saw this jacket in a store in Vancouver and I absolutely loved it however they didn’t have the right size so I am glad that you had it in stock. This is a Christmas present for myself so thank you again for being very speedy with the delivery and so generous.
  • December 2015 Heather: Thanks so much! I really appreciate your speedy attention to this and for looking for the shirts while I was on the phone today. I love your store, and wish Victoria was not so far away! Merry Christmas to you, and thank you for your special attention to this.
  • November 2015 Shannon:  What great customer service, thank you. The gift is for my step-mother and she is a huge fan of your store - I can see why!
  • November 2015  Linda:   Love the color and feel of both items.  I thought my dress was perfect for a casual wedding and that it was one of the most attractive dresses there.  I did get lots of compliments.  I should tell you that you people wrap your packages very meticulously and I just assumed that the packers probably forgot to include put both items but lo and behold, both pieces were in there.
    Again, I am impressed with how your business sizes things--very true to what a true small is (for me), and I am sure your other sizes must be correct as well.  It's not what size we are but how well we feel and present ourselves in the clothes.  Also thanks for the little sweet treat enclosed--I intend to order again and will keep my eye on your website.   I like how hemp holds up and gets better with washing and age.    
    Thanks again for your extraordinary service.
  • October 2015 Alanna: Thanks Bill! I love the Sea Wench products and appreciate the great service your site provides.   A follow up email stated:  I picked up my order this morning (so it actually arrived on Friday) -- that's amazing service. Thank you also for the lip balm.
    I'd be happy to write a testimonial for either your company or Sea Wench, if you'd like!
  • October 2015  Garrett: Hey Bill, Got the overalls today and they are wicked good! My Boss is even a bit jealous I think!
  • October 2015  Susan: The tee shirt arrived. I'm well tee-d for the cooler weather. Thanks so much.
  • October 2015  Linda:  I will be sure to tell people where I got it (an H&C boat neck dress) as I know that people will ask as I'll look great in it (especially with my new Frye Riding Boots).  When I splurge (which I don't do very often), I go with the VERY BEST!  Thanks again, 
  • October 2015 Susan: (My order) crossed the border and arrived in Connecticut in four days. Thanks.
  • September 2015 Denise:  Dear Bill, Received the shirt .... Love it...
    Thanks so much for the hemp chocolate, you're the best! Peace
  • August 2015 Joan: Dear Folks, My order arrived last week, the clothing is great, I've been wearing some of the pieces already--thank you! Ordering on line from you was a first for me, I usually buy from the store in Victoria, but as we haven't made it down island forever (it seems) I thought I'd try it. It worked well; the package was in good shape, beautifully wrapped -- like a gift! and the surprise of the chocolate bar (yum!) just made it so special!
  • August 2015 Melinda in Cornville, AZ: My skirt arrived yesterday. I love it!  Thanks
  • July 2015 Pauline: Phoned the store to say, " Order received. Many thanks for the order and the hemp chocolate bar gift. Very appreciative!"
  • July 2015  Brittany:  Thank you for the hand written note and the gift! So sweet. I am happy with my new clothes!
  • July 2015 Inge: Thanks so much, I very much appreciate your kind and thoughtful service! Bless you.
  • July 2015 Mary: Hello. Had a hectic few weeks but just wanted to say, order received even faster than the last time and everything is great! Thank you! And thanks for the hemp foot cream bonus!
  • June 2015 Fiona: Hi there Bill, Thanks so much for your email and letting me know about this sale! I'd love to add another shirt to my order.
  • June 2015 Geoffrey: Thank you Bill.  Everything was received.  The shirt is great and the (incense) sticks smell nice!
  • June 2015 Mary:   Received my order today and couldn’t be happier. It arrived earlier than anticipated, well packaged in a reusable box. Everything fits the way I like and I especially like the weight and feel of the fabric. I have a ten year old hemp shirt which has long been a favourite which I can now make my paint shirt. Thank you too for the bonus hemp bar. Great service! Good products! Made in Canada! Yay!
  • June 2015  Mary: Thanks for the quick response, it made me decide to order. Customer service is important. : )  (Mary needed some info not on the website re: colours and sizing)
  • June 2015 Michelle: As a company who wants to make this world a better place I would appreciate making sure that anyone who walks in your store feels welcome and equally valued.
  • May 2015 Mary M. Hello ~ I bought 2 shirts in Victoria a few years ago ~ women's XL 3/4 sleeve boat neck ~ these two shirts are my "go to" shirts! I just looked on your website and was glad to see the style still listed and then, sad to see sold out in my size  ... will you ever have more? I would buy any and all colors! Thank you!!
  • April 2015 Linda Lee: I received my order yesterday and love everything! Thank-you so much for the beautiful hemp bag and incense.
  • April 2015 Rei: Your clothing is gorgeous!  I really appreciate the styles and quality I see on your website
  • March 2015 Susannah: I love Hemp and Co's Beautiful selection of comfortable, well-made, hip clothes and accessories, all with a cool Eco- consciousness u can feel pride in. If you like the west coast vibe, you'll love this shop!  Plus, the staff are so committed to making the experience fun.  I am so grateful this shop is in my city!
  • Dec 2014 Lori: Yesterday, I received my order of a long sleeved men's polo shirt in slate blue. It feels fabulous. Thank you so much! I have worked in retail all my life and can tell you I very much appreciate the level of service you've given.
  • Dec 2014 Thomas @ UVic: I really liked your presentation and I think my students did too (though I have not had a chance to talk to them yet about it). Thanks very very much! (Lorna and Bill presented to an economics/philosophy class)
  • November 2014 Seng:  I have bought some outfits at Hemp and Company and love the material and the politics involved and I hope to see you again in the New Year.
  • October 2014 JoAnne: Thank you so much for your great customer service! I was there this past Saturday with a friend, and brought my sister back on Sunday! Can you please come open in Edmonton?
  • October 2014 Cathy:  I love the range of women’s clothing that you carry. It’s stylish, yet functional. And I appreciate your support of local designers and crafts people.
  • October 2014 Laurie: Oh, that is above and beyond!  Thank you so very much.  I look forward to a little (or big!) shopping foray to H&C!!
  • June 2014 CJ: Hi! I visited your beautiful store in Victoria and was impressed with quality of your merchandise.  
  • June 2014 Mike: A few days ago friend of mine was wearing one of your tops, and she looked absolutely stunning. Upon giving her the compliment, she mentioned that she had purchased it from a really neat local clothing boutique. We chatted for a few minutes and then later that evening I found myself looking you up online.
  • April 2014 Carol: Thank you for bringing terrific hemp products to Victoria!