Floppy (Pretty Ugly)Tarp Hat

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Pretty? Ugly? Neither? Both?

Sun hat? Garden hat? Beach hat? Travel hat? Fishing hat? Do-Any-Dang-Thing Hat?

Any, and all, of the above! This floppy version of the original Real Deal Brazil recycled-tarp head-topper is pretty much whatever you want it to be. Stuff it in a pocket, chuck it in a travel bag, toss it in a corner, step on it, stomp on it, kick it — with no wire in its brim, there's no worries of ever bending this hat out of shape!

As with Real Deal Brazil's better known wide-brimmed original, the Pretty Ugly is handcrafted in rural Brazil from recycled truck tarps, meaning it carries the same distinctive markings, patches, stains, frays and occasional ink marks as our celebrated original.

It's pretty. It's ugly. It's Pretty Ugly. And it's all the Real Deal!