Black bamboo ankle length socks
Natural tone bamboo ankle socks
A package of two pairs of bamboo ankle socks
bamboo ankle socks in black and natural


Hiltech Ankle Socks 2 Pack - Black/White

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With unique anti-bacterial and deodorization properties, bamboo fibres can greatly relieve common foot ailments including dermatophytosis commonly called "athlete's foot" which is caused by fungus. The woven fibers have micro-holes that make for excellent ventilation and excess moisture absorption. They'll keep your feet cool in the summer or in tight constrictive shoes. The toe closure is seam-free for no irritation and they have a durable reinforced heal to reduce friction and irritation. 

Colors: Natural/Black (Natural have no dyes at all and black were knitted with low impact eco concerned dye)


82% Rayon Bamboo, 16% Nylon, 2% Spandex

Care Instructions

Machine wash and dry.