hat from recycled cotton tarps made in Brazil unique durable Real Deal
hat from recycled cotton tarps made in Brazil unique durable Real Deal

Real Deal Brazil

RBD Brisa Hat

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Our new wide-brimmed Real Deal Brazil Brisa (pronounced BREE-suh) looks, at a distance, like our Original. Up close, though, you see the vented sides, two layers of thick burlap stitched in an open mesh style, and firm enough to hold up the crown. The burlap color compliments the canvas-tarp brim, crown and side band. The hat's burlap fabric is actually reclaimed from old sacks used for carrying dried rice and beans to market in Brazil. But unlike traditional burlap, this stuff isn't scratchy, or itchy. It makes for a pretty comfy hat fit.

Don't know your hat/head size? Grab a flexible tape measure (not the metal kind!) and wrap it around your noggin, just above your eyebrows, then read the number where the tape overlaps itself. Doing this in front of a mirror is easiest.

We guarantee getting you a hat that fits. If your RDB arrives a little too large for you, or a little too small, return it to us and we'll try again; you'll pay nothing extra but the shipping.

Please note that because our products are handmade, hat sizes may not always be exact.

Hat Sizing

                                        Inches                  Fitted Size

  • X-Small                 20                            6 3/8
  • Small                     21.5                         6 3/4
  • Medium                  22                           7
  • Large                     23                            7 3/8
  • X Large                  24                           7 5/8
  • XX Large                25                           8

*Product information taken from manufacturer's descriptions.