Supplier Series - Sea Wench Naturals

At Hemp & Company we choose relationships with ethical people when we do our business.

Today we look at Sea Wench Naturals. Sharon and Chris live on a small island off the shore from the West Coast town of Tofino, BC. The wild Pacific waves crash continuously in this pristine home to big trees, whales, salmon and surfers.

Selecting from their large garden, the bounty of the sea for sea weeds and Canadian organic farmers come these "Made from All Natural Pure Mother Earth"  Body Care Products. Nothing is purer for your body. Remember, your skin is your body's largest organ - treat her well! Hair care, skin care, animal care, first aid.  Sea Wench has you covered.

Sharon and Chris are adventurers who found their community and their passion. We are delighted to know them and share their passion and products with you.


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