• Micro plastic in BC seafood.
  • Bill Finley
Micro plastic in BC seafood.

CBC Radio News Report  January 2017: "Tiny pieces of plastic are making their way into fish and shellfish found at the supermarket, a new study has shown.

Link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/microplastics-fish-shellfish-1.3954947

"It has infiltrated every level of the food chain in marine environments and likely fresh water, and so now we're seeing it come back to us on our dinner plates," says (Professor of Ecology Chelsea) Rochman.

Microplastics absorb or carry organic contaminants, such as PCBs, pesticides, flame retardants and hormone-disrupting compounds of many kinds...These materials enter marine organisms, not just their guts but also their tissues,

Researchers do know... that microplastics get into aquatic habitats from many different sources...These range from tiny fibres that come off the synthetic fabrics of our clothing, to bits of car tire that wear off on roads and make their way through storm drains into waterways".

Did you ever imagine that washing your clothing could create an Environmental Problem? Purchasing natural fibre clothing eliminates this issue. Wash your hemp/organic cotton H&C tee shirt and feel guiltless.


  • Bill Finley

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