US dollar premium

Hi American Customers,
Did You know that, as of the writing of this blog,  your dollar is worth a lot compared to the Canadian dollar?

Hemp & Company is headquartered in the beautiful garden city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. All of our pricing is in Canadian dollars and right now there is a substantial exchange rate difference. If you found that perfect garment on our site for $50 that means its only $39.50 U.S. Big savings!

Coupled with our Free Shipping on orders over $150 ($120 U.S.) to America, the savings just keep happening.

If you are looking for a nearby, yet foreign travel destination, I guarantee you will love Canada. And your buck goes so much further. Come to Victoria for the ocean, heritage buildings, flowers and friendliness. Check out and be inspired.

And of course we welcome your visit to Hemp & Company where for seven days a week our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect outfit. Come in and "feel everything" in our natural fibre clothing.

Come and visit us!


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