• Meet Frances Litman
Meet Frances Litman

Frances is another of our wonderful nominees for the Eco Hero 2015 Contest. Frances is the heart and soul ( and muscle!) behind Creatively United for the Planet and she recently earned the nomination for Federal Green Party Candidate for Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke!


Find out a little bit more about Frances by reading on!
What specific event put you on the path of sustainability?
A sense of despair that not enough was being done and more needed to be done to ensure we have a planet to call home. When I learned that less than 3% of all charitable giving in North America went to the environment, I was beside myself. I couldn't offer more money than what I currently was giving to my top 10 eco charities, so I committed to donating my time to build a movement and www.creativelyunitedfortheplanet.org was born to foster environmental protection through community connection. I have volunteered more than 6,000 hours in the past four years and more than 9,000 people of all ages have attended our events or been involved with our programs.

If you were not doing this line of work- what would you be doing?

I have been a professional photographer for 25 years and would continue to find creative ways to foster awareness and compassion for the natural world. The Green Party is a natural extension of what I'm already doing with Creatively United for the Planet and how I live my life. I want to empower people so that together we can be the power that transitions us to a greener, cleaner, more prosperous world where we all thrive.

Who is YOUR Eco Hero? Elizabeth May.

What change would you most like to see in the world?
I'd love to see the Green Party gain enough seats to see Elizabeth May become Prime Minister after this next election. I hope to be one of many federal Green Party MP's who creates the change that we all want to see. Imagine: Green, clean technology, transportation, renewable energy, jobs, local food security, and infrastructure that keeps our country beautiful, healthy, happy, democratic and resilient. The Green Party can make this happen. If 15,000 more people voted Green we would have a values-based, green government that puts people and planet first. We stand to have at least 12 Green Party MP's in Ottawa after this next election as people are awakening to the intelligence of this movement.

Add any statement you think sums you up, if you like. 
Together we have the power to be the change we want to see. It's essential for everyone to exercise their right to vote and not let fear stop them. People need to vote with their values and for the candidates who will make the change happen!

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